Download Apple Events in 4K

Apple’s latest events have been streamed and uploaded to their website in full 4K! These are very simple to download, with just one command

Step 1: Check you have ffmpeg

You’ll need ffmpeg to download these events. To check if it’s installed on your system, just open a Terminal and type ffmpeg. If you see ffmpeg version x.x.x Copyright 2000-2021 the FFmpeg developers you’re good to go. Skip to step 2.

If that command produced an error, you don’t have ffmpeg installed.

If you have Homebrew installed, just enter brew install ffmpeg. If you don’t have Homebrew, you can follow this StackExchange answer to install it another way.

Update September 2021: I found that the latest version of ffmpeg would give an error when trying to download an event. This was on an M1 Mac, so may be related to that (although does not occur when running under Rosetta). You may need to uninstall ffmpeg, and install an older version. 2.8 worked for me —brew install ffmpeg@2.8 .

Step 2: Find and download the event

Simply copy the command below for the event you want to download, and paste it into a Terminal:

“California Streaming” — September 2021

ffmpeg -i '' -c copy Sept2021.mp4

“Spring Loaded” — April 2021

ffmpeg -i ‘' -c copy Apr2021.mp4

Note: for this event, it took two attempts to get a full file to download. This seems to be an issue with the Apple stream file, however myself and multiple others have succeeded after trying again

“One More Thing” — November 2020

ffmpeg -i -c copy Nov2020.mp4

“Hi, Speed” — October 2020

ffmpeg -i -c copy Oct2020.mp4

“Time Flies” — September 2020

ffmpeg -i -c copy Sept2020.mp4

WWDC20 Keynote — June 2020

ffmpeg -i -c copy WWDC20.mp4


I’ll keep this article updated as Apple host new events, and if the commands stop working. Let me know if you have any problems!

A few of these events (and extras!) can be found on my YouTube channel. Make sure to also follow me on Twitter and check out my website for more cool stuff!



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